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A-Trac is Aries Global Logistics Purchase Order processing and online shipment tracking system. For access to shipment status information, documentation imaging and messaging, please sign in below.

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AGL doesn’t just move cargo. At AGL we know information is power, power to help make your overall job easier and your traffic operation more efficient. Through our state-of-the-art Tracking, EDI and Purchase Order processing programs, we help drive inefficiencies out of your supply chain. Each program is designed, based on your specific data requirements, and is delivered in a dynamic and collaborative way.

At AGL we deliver data to our clients in sets designed and dictated by you. From PO issuance or simply under a versatile tracking program that links our entire overseas agent network in the process, along with carrier status updates, you are in the know, and your JIT requirements are met.

AGL offers a dynamic and collaborative platform that will do the following:

  • Track the shipment of your goods from the moment the order is placed to the day it is delivered
  • Provide critical updates before and during the actual shipment, based on your information requirements
  • Delivery of the data updates to appointed personnel as required
  • Create milestones, monitor and push-alerts delivered on KPI’s meet or exception as needed
  • Connect all the parties in a transaction: the PO issuer, Supplier, Carrier, overseas agent, and the AGL controlling office, in a simple and dynamic platform rivaling all well known PO management and tracking systems

Call or email your AGL representative today to learn firsthand how we can help drive costs out of your supply chain in a very easy to use system.


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